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shelephant whispered,

Inside the magic and the Disney Parks blog are saying that Frozen is now officially replacing Norway. Also, it may be replacing Christmas (or at least joining it; I don't know. I'm uncomfortable.) ... I like Frozen, but I'm going to go scream incoherently into a pillow for the next twenty years.


I’m really upset about this.

I feel like Universal should do an Old Spice-style commercial. “Look at your theme parks. Now look at mine. Now look at your theme parks, now back to mine. Sadly, your parks aren’t mine. Your park doesn’t have the leadership to pull off the things that I am doing. I’m building hugely immersive and detailed lands, and Disney fans are getting sing-alongs and two-minute kiddie coasters and social media campaigns for a flying dragon that you’ll never actually see. I’m on a horse.”

Here’s a link to the Disney announcement for any who haven’t seen it. It’s now official — Anna and Elsa are evicting Maelstrom. We’re actually going to have a World Showcase with ten nations + one fictional location (for now — how long until Morocco becomes Agrabah?). While the rumors were getting a little too specific for me to keep just assuming they were fake, it’s such a stupid idea that I was holding out hope that Disney wouldn’t actually do it.

Look, I’m all for building a Frozen attraction. I can’t argue the popularity of the movie, and four-hour lines to meet Anna and Elsa are previously unprecedented. But with all the land available, the only excuse for putting it in what used to be a place to experience the culture of Norway is that they want to pinch pennies — why build a new attraction when you can just throw some new decorations in an old one? Why expand a park when you can keep capacity the same?

I’m seriously over today’s Disney upper management. Bob Iger is just Eisner Junior — he has zero creativity (hence the reason he is buying intellectual property like Marvel and Star Wars from other companies instead of coming up with new IP in-house). He’s just as penny-pinching, and just as “corporate.”

Walt Disney proved that you can make money by doing the right thing, but today’s Disney leadership knows that you can make MORE money by forgetting your own company’s heritage.

Update/replace Maelstrom? Yes, that would make sense — the attraction is a bit outdated. But keep it Norway, don’t move the story to the fictional land of Arendelle. Or, since Norway isn’t paying to maintain the pavilion anymore, change it to a different country. A real one. The World Showcase having pavilions replaced by fictional places destroys the entire idea of that part of the park. Bring an African country to the World Showcase (aside from the drums tucked away into a corner which is all the representation that continent gets now). Bring in Russia. Heck, make it Luxembourg — the pavilion would be approximately the same size of the actual country (before you send asks, yes — that’s a major exaggeration).

And build a Frozen attraction, sure. But not there. Why dismantle the entire idea of the World Showcase to do so? Can you imagine a Frozen attraction using state-of-the-art technology and ride systems, and how much better it would be than shoe-horning it into an attraction that’s a quarter of a century old?

Remember when you could ride through The Living Seas aquarium and be surrounded by sea life? You know, before it became a Finding Nemo attraction and they actually blocked your view of the animals so you can watch movie clips instead? Oh, you still ride through the aquarium, but they made it so you can’t actually see the aquarium. This is the same level of stupidity.

I’m so sick of Disney corporate management. We need another Walt or Frank Wells — someone who can be the conscience of the company. Because right now it appears that there is nobody speaking up for what’s right, and instead everybody in upper management is putting profits above everything else.


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‘Frozen’ Attraction Coming to Epcot

This is so annoying to me. World Showcase ISNT about the movies, its about each countries culture. UGGGGH Maelstrom is amazing..

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oh btw everyone, thats my new personal blog. Idk how much im gonna use it but at least i’ll be able to send messages.

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